French Tutorial

Ici nous parlons Français !

Pour apprendre vite et bien - To learn fast and well

Pour le Débutant

In this tutorial you will be able to
  • find on this page the lessons you will study
  • practise your pronunciation by clicking the link Pronunciation on the lesson page
  • check the vocabulary of each lesson on the left of the lesson page
  • learn the vocabulary, grammar, and conjugaison by clicking on the link Vocabulary Page on the lesson page
  • find a word from past lessons by clicking on the links of the dictionary on the top left of the Lesson page or at the bottom part of the Vocabulary Page
  • consult rules of grammar by clicking on the links of grammar just below the dictionary
  • find conjugaison of verbs according to their own group by clicking the appropriate links of conjugaison below the grammar
  • go to the homework page by clicking the links 'Devoir' on the left of this page or by clicking at the bottom of the lesson Page

At the end of each of these twenty lessons
You will be able to

  1. Bonjour. Present yourself
  2. Ma famille. Introduce your family and friends
  3. Un beau métier. Explain what you do and where you work
  4. Les loisirs. Talk about your leasure
  5. Chez nous. Describe your home
  6. Les vacances. Talk about your holiday's activities
  7. En route. Call a taxi and take the train
  8. A Paris. Book at an hotel and hire a car
  9. Bien manger. Discover French food
  10. À table. A typical French menu
  11. Au restaurant. Order drink and food
  12. Au restaurant (suite)
  13. La salle de classe. Start a day at school
  14. A la plage. A beautiful day on the beach
  15. Talk about the different parts of your body
  16. Express how you feel
  17. Discover Paris and France's countryside
  18. Go to the doctor and the dentist
  19. Go shopping
  20. Go to the market

Each lesson consists in seven steps

  • 1st step: Practice the Pronunciation
  • 2nd step: Check the vocabulary on the left of the Page
  • 3st step: Listen to the Audio
  • 4th step: Read each sentence aloud
  • 5th step: Record each sentence and compare with the audio above
  • 6th sept: Learn the vocabulary, the conjugaison, and the grammar
  • Last step: email the following
    • Part 1: Translate all sentences
    • Part 2: Record all sentences
    • Part 3: Complete the exercise(s)

Though you are able to jump from one lesson to the next
Please Do not rush
Proceed only when you have fully mastered it
And after your 'Voice-to-Voice' session.

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